Anupama 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama files case against Adhik 

Act 2: Accusations Fly

Adhik, Pakhi's husband, confronts Romil and demands to know Pakhi's whereabouts. Tempers flare as Romil accuses Adhik of being a criminal rather than a victim. Vanraj intervenes, seeking answers from Adhik, with Toshu and Samar by his side.

Act 3: Barkha's Defense

Barkha, Adhik's sister, passionately defends her brother, insisting that he is innocent. She challenges Anupama's decision to file a complaint without concrete proof, emphasizing Adhik's education and character. The tension escalates as emotions run high.

Act 4: Anupama's Determination

Anupama remains resolute, stating that she wants Pakhi back, regardless of Barkha's pleas. She explains that her biggest mistake was not taking action against Adhik sooner and stresses the importance of addressing domestic violence.

Act 5: Vanraj's Perspective

Vanraj, Pakhi's father, blames Anupama for not heeding Pakhi's warnings and continuing to interfere in her married life. Anupama defends herself, asserting that she never wished harm upon her daughter and only wanted the best for her.

Act 6: A Shocking Revelation

As tensions rise, the police arrive with shocking news—a girl matching Pakhi's description has been involved in an accident. Anuj and Anupama are left in shock, while Vanraj is struck with disbelief. The family clings to hope as they await more information.

Act 7: An Agonizing Wait

The entire Shah family is in a state of agony as they wait for more information about the accident involving a girl matching Pakhi's description. Anupama is inconsolable, Vanraj is overwhelmed with guilt, and the rest of the family members are grappling with a mixture of fear and hope.

Act 8: The Hospital Vigil

Anuj, Anupama, Vanraj, and other family members rush to the hospital where the accident victim is being treated. The atmosphere in the hospital waiting room is tense as they anxiously await news of the girl's condition. Anupama clutches onto a small photo of Pakhi, praying for her daughter's safety.